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Talk about last minute shopping...! - Transformational

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December 26th, 2005

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01:58 am - Talk about last minute shopping...!
Typist: Right, you'll be seeing this note at the top of quite a few posts tonight. I have had no internet connection, for some reason, for a couple of days, so was unable until now to post any sort of xmassy posts or present posts. :( ...so they're late. Sorry.

Merry Christmas, everyone! Just got a few gifts here, sorry they're a bit late - don't look at me for punctuality, really now - but anyway, here they are just the same. (And in, er, no particular order.)

Draco: A box of some really excellent chocolates. I should know, I tried a few myself. ...from a different box, that is. Anyway, they may not be the BEST in the world, but they're pretty close, I hope.


Remus: An anthology of poems by Oscar Wilde -- as well as the promise that I'll borrow it from you sometime and read it myself. And probably never return it. That's how it goes, sorry.


Sirius: It's a - well - it's a dragonhide jacket. ...Cho told me to--! It just seemed to suit you, somehow. It'll fit you, I'm sure (magical jackets do have a tendency to fit).


Bill: A copy of The Best of the Weird Sisters, because it's never too late to start having good taste in music, you know.


Hermione: Here's a copy of "Sites of Historical Sorcery" - I hope you haven't already got it.


Ron: A load of Honeydukes' best - enjoy yourself.


Harry: A set of Extendable Ears. You never know when they might come in handy, eh?


Ginny: A brand-new Gobstones set. It was always one of my favourite games, anyway. Hope you like it!


Fred & George: A pair of gift certificates to Zonko's Joke Shop - because you might want to find out what the competition's like, right?


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Date:December 27th, 2005 06:15 am (UTC)
*eyes everything with an expert eye* Wow, thanks, Tonks!

*nods his agreement* That's a brilliant idea, really. Except ...

We didn't exactly get anything for you. *looks sheepish* Sorry. Although--

We could offer you one free prank.

And that's just what we'll do. You're now entitled to one free prank on anyone that you name. *grin*

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