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The eternal Wednesday night - Transformational

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December 16th, 2005

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02:21 am - The eternal Wednesday night

[Tonks] She grins. "I guess we could talk about - oh - let's see... How's your family? The twins, obviously, are as - well, as they've always been. How's Ron doing?"
[Bill] "Ron's ... well, married, of course. He's taken to married life better than I expected." He laughs. "I never saw him as the responsible sort, but aside from a few minor tiffs, him and Hermione have gotten along pretty well, actually."
[Tonks] "Hidden depths, I guess." She grins again, as the waiter brings their food. "Ah, excellent."
[Bill] "Finally." He adds jokingly, but just to her, offering a polite "Thank you" to the waiter instead.
[Tonks] The waiter nods stiffly and leaves, and Tonks leans in again, grinning (of course; it becomes redundant after a while). "So - ...where were we, before the long-awaited event? Speaking of which, how long is it until the -other- long-awaited? ...I mean, she's due - soon, isn't it?"
[Bill] "They're expected in January, which is ... surprisingly soon, really." He says, between mouthfuls. "At the moment, Ron and Hermione are just trying to get their furniture in order, I think."
[Tonks] Tonks is hardly a dainty eater, although she's not -quite- shovelling it in - manners for a date, just possibly. "Oh- oh, of course... Is there anything they still need? I mean, my family's got - well, lots of just stuff, really, kind of going to waste between just my dad and mum and me."
[Bill] "I would ask Ron about that, actually. I know he's got a list made up somewhere." He lets out a small chuckle. "Imagine that. My little brother making -lists-, of all things. He's turning into a regular housewife."
[Tonks] "Hermione's always been the one who wears the britches in that relationship," she says dryly, taking a large bite of her (whateversheordered).
[Bill] He laughs a little. "Too true. I still can't believe he's married this early. And ... well, before me." And here he goes into slightly dangerous territory.
[Tonks] Slightly dangerous territory that calls up a slight - no, more than slight, she blushes more easily than she'd ever like to admit - redness in Tonks' cheeks, and she ducks her head, apparently to pick out just the right forkful of her salad. "Before the twins, before Charlie, before Percy - before all of you," she points out.
[Bill] And Bill will find his ... steak (most likely) rather fascinating too. "True." There's a slightly awkward pause here. "Anyways. We've talked my family enough. How're your parents?"
[Tonks] She shrugs awkwardly, but can at least look up again. "I don't talk to them much, to be honest. Dad's always got some project, some old book to translate or something, and Mum's... ...Mum's just not around much."
[Bill] He pauses slightly. "I'm sorry. I can't even imagine how that is, since my family's always just ... there. And larger than life, really."
[Tonks] "Your family's -great-," she says, very sincerely. "Really great." She laughs. "The sort of family I'd always wanted-- Don't get me wrong, I love my parents, but I always wanted a sibling, or twelve, you know?"
[Bill] "It's nice." He says, simply. "Sometimes it's a bit annoying, but most of the time ... yeah, it's pretty nice."
[Tonks] She smiles slowly, crookedly, looking at him. "It sounds it. They seem it. I mean, I'd love to be part of a family like yours. ....." ....dangerous territory again.
[Bill] He starts a little, with a bit of the old deer-in-headlights look, but recovers quickly. "Well, Mum loves you already, and you're around pretty often, so ... " he says, carefully.
[Tonks] "....that isn't what I - I mean, I meant - I mean, I didn't mean - ....This is a good salad," she finally, desperately, lamely, says.
[Bill] A subject change is in order here, Bill notes. "I'm glad you like the place," he graciously changes it quickly, "we ate here once for one of our family parties, and it seemed like a nice place."
[Tonks] "Again with your family parties," she teases, but veers abruptly away from -that- topic. "There must be some sort of law that waiters have to be French, and snooty."
[Bill] "In all the classier restaurants, of course. That's how you tell the good ones from the bad ones." He says, jokingly.
[Tonks] "French accent? Good. English? Mediocre. What kind of accent would be downright appalling?"
[Bill] "American?"
[Tonks] "...Prejudiced," she laughs.
[Bill] "Just stating the truth." He grins.
[Tonks] "The truth," she says with an air of declamatoriness (...that'saword,iswear), "is that... this -is- a French restaurant, and a bl-- ...very good salad."
[Bill] "You've said that already." He says, but the overall tone is teasing.
[Tonks] "I repeat myself when nervous," she laughs.
[Bill] Bill looks taken aback for a moment. "And I make you nervous?" He laughs, but seeing that Tonks wasn't -really- kidding, he sobers a little. "Do I, really?"
[Tonks] She glances at him, then drops her eyes back to that interminable salad, laughing awkwardly. "'Course you do, idiot. Look around - we're on a date, in the snootiest of snooty French restaurants, which means it must be amazing, and you're - ...course I'm nervous."
[Bill] "Oh, well. If you put it -that- way ... I'm glad. I mean--" and here is where Bill loses all coherency "--not that you're nervous around me, since I'm nothing much to be nervous about, but-- well. You make me slightly nervous, too. Obviously." He laughs ... nervously.
[Tonks] "...Are you sirius?" She can't help but laugh - nervously, yes, of course. "Well, that's - /that's/ ridiculous! I'm nothing to be nervous about. I'm not the one who's - ...I mean, I'm nervous, so /you/ can't be! One of us has got to be calm, right?"
[Bill] He laughs a little. "Why don't we both try to be calm, then?"
[Tonks] She grins sheepishly. "I suppose that's an option."
[Bill] "Hey, I never thought to ask this before, but what House were you in when you went to school at Hogwarts?" He asks, finished up the last of his food. "Since I only knew you after Hogwarts time, and all."
[Tonks] "....Hogwarts House? What House at Hogwarts? ...Oh, I -...I was in the same year as your brother, as Charlie, you know, actually."
[Bill] "Really? I've never heard him mention you, so you weren't in Gryffindor, were you?"
[Tonks] "...No," she says, rather grudgingly, and becomes occupied with her salad.
[Bill] "Are we playing twenty questions, then?" He asks, with a slight grin.
[Tonks] "If we are, you just used up your third," she replies with a matching, slightly challenging, grin.
[Bill] He sits back a little, and muses. "You don't seem like the Hufflepuff type, really."
[Tonks] "Thank you!" she laughs. "Are you saying I'm an unfaithful flake?"
[Bill] "No, you just have too much of a mischeivous streak in you to be in Hufflepuff." He grins. "I bet you could match the twins in that category."
[Tonks] "I'll take -that- as a compliment," she twinkes, "despite coming from their brother."
[Bill] "Let's see ... Ravenclaw or Slytherin, then?"
[Tonks] "You can't ask questions like that," she says with a hesitant 'heh'. "Has to be yes or no."
[Bill] "Oh-- I was musing to myself, actually." He pauses for a moment. "What Houses were your parents in? We'll go the roundabout way."
[Tonks] "Also not yes or no!" she exclaims, nearly knocking over her water glass with an overenthusiastic gesture. "Ack-- oops. Er. ...Not a yes or no question."
[Bill] "... I guess it's easy to see that I'm a Gryffindor, then. I hardly ever follow the rules." He says, with a laugh.
[Tonks] "Nor are you noted for your intelligence," she points out dryly, pushing the glass further back onto the table.
[Bill] He raises an eyebrow -- amusedly, not hurt at all, of course. "Well. For that remark, miss, I'm going to ask this question: Were you in Slytherin?" He leans forward slightly in anticipation of the answer.
[Tonks] "I was," she says, with studied calm - her House hasn't exactly got the greatest reputation, especially with Gryffindors. Obviously. "As was my mother. Dad was a Ravenclaw. But then, most Slytherins wouldn't have liked him being in their House- he was Muggle-born, after all."
[Bill] "I suppose it's--" And then he pauses, and shakes his head with a laugh. "Wait, what am I saying? Learning what House you're from isn't going to make me like you less. Obviously."
[Tonks] "It might," she says with a nervous half-smile. "It has. I mean, most Gryffindors aren't, you know, the friendliest to Slytherins. Our two Houses are -not- known for tolerance, much less anything friendlier. ...I didn't want to tell you, you know. We're out of Hogwarts, it shouldn't make any kind of difference, though it generally still does."
[Bill] "It does, and it really shouldn't." He frowns a little. "I suppose our family hasn't had the best reputation for being ... er, Slytherin-friendly, especially since we've all been in Gryffindor; every single one of us. But Houses really shouldn't make as big of a difference as they do."
[Tonks] "You're right; they shouldn't," she says, quiet but heartfelt. A fairly unsnobbish Slytherin her whole life, as well as part of the black sheep branch of Blacks, she's probably put up with enough to make this rather an important issue with her. "...Anyway, I'm glad to say that I -did- manage to graduate from Hogwarts, despite what many of my teachers expected."
[Bill] "It must have been pretty tough." He says, quietly. "See, this goes with what I was telling you. About how much I admire you, really."
[Tonks] She looks down, fiddling with her fork, despite the fact that she's pretty much finished her salad long ago (as eating takes less time than typing, rilly). "I don't know why. Not that I don't like it or anything. Admiration's always nice, of course."
[Bill] Bill laughs a little, almost embarassedly. "It'd take too long to explain, really."
[Tonks] "Well," very very very hesitantly, very very very nervously, and very very very much to the remains of the salad, "perhaps you could say part of it now, and if it's too long for one sitting, you could have another go at it sometime in the near future."
[Bill] "Well, as I've said, you're an Auror, so ... that has to take bravery, doesn't it? And skill. And ... while the Weasleys are a pretty well-known and accepted family, especially in the Gryffindor House, the Blacks have ... some sort of a reputation. And not always a good one. Quite a few people from the Black lineage wouldn't even want to be seen in the same -room- as me, I don't think." He pauses, and grins at her. "Need I go on?"
[Tonks] "You needn't, no," she says with a light smile, "but if you want to, feel free."
[Bill] "And yet, despite being a -Slytherin-" he says that in a slightly mocking (but gently so) way "you still manage to show the best qualities of all four Houses."
[Tonks] "Thank you," she says softly, giving him a slow smile. "You know, for a Gryffindor, you can be surprisingly sweet."
[Bill] He smiles back at her, and then he slowly leans over and gives her a soft kiss on the lips.
[Tonks] There's one moment, one tiny flash, of frozen surprise; then, still smiling, she kisses him back.

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